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As a mother, I know the importance of being organised and keeping things simple. One area I've always felt could do with some simplification is the nappy bag... making sure that it's always stocked with fresh nappies, a clean changing mat, wipes that haven't dried out, all this while trying to keep it as small and light as possible is a challenge at the best of times, let alone when you're in a rush or have tasked your in-laws with taking baby out for a stroll. That's how the idea of the Complete Nappy Change Kit was born. A kit as light as possible with all you need to change baby on the go. A simple solution to make all parents' lives just that little bit simpler!


LISA THOMPSON, CEO and Founder, The Apple of your Eye






"I received my package and it is perfect, everything I need. I have mine in the car so that if I'm ever out and get stuck without my nappy bag or run out of my nappies or wipes I have it on hand. The parcel is also small enough to carry in my handbag when I don't want to lug a nappy bag everywhere. Would also be a great gift to a new mum” 

– Stacey, June 16, 2016


"Fantastic nappy packs, so easy to pop one in my bag on the way out, especially if you're in a rush!! Everything you need, two nappies, wipes, change mat and bin bag. Absolutely love how convenient they are. Will definitely continue to use."

– Georgia, November 12, 2016


Choose from three practical kits.

Whether you're ready to give birth, quickly running out to the shop or spending a sunny afternoon at the beach,
The Apple of your Eye has you covered. With the choice of three different kits, available in a range of sizes,
there's never a moment where you won't have everything you need to get your little one nice and clean.

Save 10% when you buy a pack of 10, save 20% when you buy a pack of 20.
FREE shipping Australia wide for orders over $30. 


Time saver.

In a rush, no time to pack your nappy bag, simply grab the complete nappy change kit.


All you need to change your baby in one kit. Baby-sitters, grand-parents, friends, everyone can take baby on a stroll without the risk of having forgotten an essential item to change baby.


Peace of mind.

Always there in an emergency. Keep one in your car, in the stroller and in each of your hand bags!


Say goodbye to your heavy nappy bag, the Complete Nappy Change Kit is all you need and only weighs 130g!



With the disposable mat included, you can change baby anywhere and dispose of your dirty nappy in the disposable bag.

In the media.

Daily Mercury, 4 August 2016

Daily Mercury, 4 August 2016